Creating a Masterpiece

The making of the 2019 Scholarship Raffle Quilt, Eleanor's Lost Treasure



Have you ever wondered how our beautiful one-of-a-kind raffle quilts go from brainstorming to beautiful Scholarship Quilt?

The process takes two years!  Following a show, we all enjoy a sigh of relief, pat ourselves on the back for another successful show and take a break.  NOT our designers!  In November/December, right after the show, the non-show year starts and the design process begins. 

According to designers, Linda Dearing and Shelley Greener, this process can be “quick, like the 2013 quilt Sweet Sunshine, or longer like the 2017 beauty, Jade Garden”.  

“Sometimes we have a specific idea and sometimes we fly by the ‘seat of our pants’,” says Shelley.

According to designers Linda Dearing and Shelley Greener, this process can be “quick, like the 2013 quilt Sweet Sunshine or longer like the 2017 beauty, Jade Garden.

“Sometimes we have a specific idea and sometimes we fly by the “seat of our pants” says Shelley.  We are always on the lookout for the next design idea”.

In the case of the 2019 DH Quilt Show Scholarship Raffle Quilt we wanted to create a quilt that would reflect our show theme honoring Eleanor Roosevelt. 

The Sears & Roebuck Company held a contest for the 1933 Worlds Fair with the grand prize winner receiving $1000 (more than $19,000 in today’s economy)!  The winning quilt was presented to Eleanor Roosevelt in 1934. 

Our 2019 Scholarship Quilt is inspired by the grand prize winner, Margaret Rogers Caden, and her quilt called Star of the Bluegrass, along with a regional winning quilt created by Celia Pardue Hyde and her quilt Louisiana Rose

The scholarship raffle quilt is a combination of the traditional block used in the grand prize winning quilt, altered to create the large wedding band space for the center applique.  The center and border appliques are inspired by Celia’s Louisiana Rose quilt but altered and modified for a new look.  

Like all the past Scholarship Quilts, Eleanor’s Lost Treasure represents hundred’s of volunteer hours dedicated to this ultimate community service project!  

100% of raffle ticket sales go directly to the Dutchess Community College Foundation to be added to the Dutchess Heritage Quilt Show Scholarship Fund.

And so the legacy continues….




Thank You Volunteers!

The following quilters combined their stitching talents to create the 2019 Scholarship Quilt, Eleanor's Lost Treasure.

Karen Abramson                           Pat Barassi                                       Debbie Barbanti                                    Dawn Bartolomeo

Kathleen Basso                             Joyce Brower                                   Pat Clark                                                Pat Comerford

Raymonda Crowe                         Trish Cowperthwaite                        Louise Duff                                           Helen Dugan

Marie Dunne                                 Anne Friedland                                 Richard Greener                                    Barbara Haymann-Diaz

Sally Johnson                               Janet Jozwiak                                    Diana Louie                                           Kathy Nasca 

Carole Peterson                            Janice Peterson                                  Pat Moran                                              Fran Sorce

Lois Stewart                                 Lorraine Swack                                  Darlene Tice                                         Kathy Vanacoro

Lee Venetis                                  Joan Viglione                                      Elaine Watkins                                      Carol Weber

Stacy Whittaker                           Suzanne Yerks                                                      

We wish to extend a special thank you to The Quilt Basket's Cathy Anderson and her daughter Sarah Fabian, for donating the batting for the scholarship quilt.