Dutchess Heritage Quilt Show XVII
October 10 & 11 2015
10 am to 5 pm
Dutchess Community College
Poughkeepsie NY
This years theme is:

Presented by 
The Dutchess Heritage Quilt Show Committee
In Cooperation with 
First Dutchess Quilters and The Dutchess Community College Foundation
The creation of a quilt show is much like the making of all the quilts you will see. A theme was chosen and the "patchwork" of ideas, plans and arrangements were stitched together by the members of the DHQS committee. 
Just like today's quilters, in accomplishing our task, we embraced some new technology while keeping the heritage and traditions of our show alive.
Instead of crooked seams or unmatched points, we were challenged by family crisis, health concerns and work conflicts, But as the patient and persistent quilters we are, we fixed what we could and learned to live with the rest. We found that the success of the show, just like the beauty of a quilt, lies not in perfection but in the enjoyment of the process and in the warmth and beauty it provides.
The DHQS committee enjoys the process of bringing you this show!. We hope will be a source of beauty and inspiration and that the experience you will have will be warm and memorable.
Dutchess Community College's continued support of this show is invaluable and very much appreciated. It is an example of the way in which the institution lives up to it's name. "Dutchess" because after 32 years, we are part of our county's heritage. "Community" because DCC provides this event for the enjoyment of the public and "College" in the way the show encourages participation in and appreication of the arts. We would like to thank everyone who at DCC make this show possible.